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I’m not talking spring, summer, winter, fall. It’s much more personal.

It’s settling into a big career move that requires a lot of energy and travel, while raising a feisty (almost) 3 year old boy with your husband of 16 years, as HE navigates leaving the DOD to go earn a degree so you get another step closure to that running store on your vision board. Did I mention wrapping up one cottage renovation and renovating our forever home? It’s a long, run-on sentence that makes me exhausted and wildly excited at the same time.

It’s making dinner during a break in afternoon meetings because I need my kitchen time. It’s not working out for months and then wondering why everything hurts after 20 minutes on the bike or the mat. It’s fun stretch pants, flip flops, and a yoga ball seat with a collared denim shirt, well placed highlighter, and dry shampoo for half a dozen video meetings. It’s falling asleep on the sofa while watching Deadliest Catch, Sunday’s at Home Depot followed by an emergency potty trip to Whole Foods. It’s bleach wipes in the bathroom because…boys. It’s a lot of laughter, cuddles, books, toys, and a meltdown here and there. It’s mis-measuring for counter and cabinets because you were multitasking and an awesome husband that makes it all workout. It’s toys and dog hair and sand and laundry and unpacked suitcases.

It’s love and the kind of magic that gives you goosebumps. It’s my season, and I can’t begin to tell you how embracing each season has made rolling with the ups and downs so much easier.

Cheers to embracing the season you’re in!



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